To say that you have been wonderful just sounds too average . . .

I have been searching through the thesaurus to come up with the right words to use to thank you. To say that you have been wonderful just sounds too average, and there has been nothing average about the way you have handled yourself. You have extended yourself at every opportunity to make this long and inherently frustrating process go as smoothly as possible.
I must say that I think you found an excellent profession to match your skills. You relate so well to people and you put that skill to good use. Your resourcefulness came in handy many times before closing, and your professional approach towards the whole transaction made all of the other people that we had to deal with react with the same attention to detail.
I still don’t know if I am conveying how thrilled Bill and I are that we chose to work with you. There is no-one else I would want to handle this huge investment of time, money and emotion. Thank you so much for everything.

Bill and Cindy Abrams

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